About Herky on Parade

Herky on Parade 20th Anniversary Edition!

On September 1, 2023, the public was re-introduced to the wildly popular 2004 and 2014 cooperative effort between the University of Iowa Department of Athletics, the Cities of Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Solon, Tiffin, Think Iowa City and Iowa City Area Sports Commission.

Starting in May 2024, the beloved Herky will make his appearance across Johnson County in 100 different forms and a new pose.

We are celebrating Herky’s 75th birthday with 100 new statues for all to enjoy. Those who saw in 2004 & 2014 experienced the tremendous success of the largest public art project Iowa has ever produced.

The Herkys were painted by local and regional artists.

They hit the streets for public display on May 1 through August. Following the parade, select Herkys will be auctioned off to support a fund for art education and programs in the Iowa City and the Clear Creek Amana school districts.


What is Herky On Parade?

Herky On Parade is the area’s largest public art installation. 100 Herky The Hawk statues will be paraded all across Johnson County for the community to visit. The parade starts May 1, 2024!

They’re just right around the corner. Find a Herky near you using our Herky map!

On the map you can click on each Herky icon to view the name and address of the Herky statue and get directions.

The Herky statues were designed by regional and local artists. We received over 300 entries and 100 designs were chosen by our artists committee.

Yes! However a majority of the statues are now privately owned, meaning we do not have a comprehensive list of where they are located. If you are interesting in finding past Herky statues, stop by the Think Iowa City office and we can help you out!

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